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                THE EQUATOR

                About the Equator Principles
                (EP) and?the Association.

                MEMBERS &

                EP Association Members
                and annual reporting.

                DOCUMENTS &

                Key documents and
                implementation resources.

                NEWS ?


                Latest news and
                media coverage.

                This brief video provides an orientation to the Equator Principles and the association of members who manage them.

                Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs)?apply EPs to new projects (globally and across all?industry sectors)?financed by five financial products:

                – Project Finance Advisory Services,
                – Project Finance,
                – Project-Related Corporate Loans,
                – Bridge Loans,
                – Project-Related Refinance, and Project-Related Acquisition Finance.

                It?is primarily intended to provide a minimum standard for due diligence and monitoring to support responsible risk decision-making.


                The EP Association

                The Equator Principles (EP) Association is the unincorporated?association of member Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) whose object is the administration, management?and development of the EPs. It was formed in July 2010 and was instituted to ensure long-term viability and ease of management of the member EPFIs.

                The EP Association is governed by a set of Governance Rules which provide guidance to existing and prospective EPFIs on the internal processes for the management of the EPs. The EP Association Steering Committee co-ordinates the administration, management and development of the EPs on behalf of the member?EPFIs.

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